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Hi and welcome to our website, free-music-me which endeavours to bring you a worthy resource of all things to do with music. We have tried to categorize things as best we can to enable you to find things a lot easier. There are lots of sites listed within this archive and everything listed in this directory is free, so whether you are looking for free legal music downloads, information or some free music software be sure to bookmark us and check back often as we are always adding new material.

 Free-music-me as its title suggests is all about free music, if you have a website which is giving away free music software, downloads, song sheets or anything to do with music, as long as it is free, please request a link and add your site to this free music resource for all to enjoy. Be sure to read our Links Policies page which will explain exactly what you need to do to list your website on free-music-me.

 This free music directory is currently being compiled manually by myself so please be patient when submitting your site as I am sure you will appreciate it takes a lot of time and effort to check the submissions and make sure they are worthy of being listed so as to build a good archive that has something for everyone. This site has been designed so that hopefully in the near future it can be proactively built by robots.This will help the site by organising and optimising the entries for the readers and allowing me more time to review the relevant entries.

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