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Hammerhead Rhythm Station
When it comes to creating your very own techno music, sometimes what you really are in need of is some great rhythm. This is where Hammerhead excels and what makes it a great option. Working like a TR-909 drum machine, using this rhythm station is a breeze and you can develop beats for all types of music irregardless of whether it is hip hop, house or even rap. Best of all, Hammerhead is also totally free to download so why not get your copy right now.
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Ripcast Streaming Audio Ripper
This multi station ripping integration for the Winamp Media Player is a must have item for anyone who wants a little bit more out of their Media Player. This integration is capable of handling proxy support as well as ID3 tagging which is done automatically and seamlessly. When it comes to ripping streaming audio, you have got to have the Ripcast Streaming Audio Ripper. Of course we cannot forget to mention that this is also a free program which you can download right now and start using today.
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Freeware Pocket PC
Freeware Pocket PC offers music freeware downloads for Windows mobile phones. Download more than 4500 free music freeware, Windows mobile games, themes and applications. Music lovers can download exciting music training notes. This is especially useful to those learning the piano and other music instruments.
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Free Music Identification Software
On this website you will find a great piece of software that is freeware. With this software you just need a microphone and the internet. Then you can let the software hear the music and it will return the artists name and song title after searching it from its massive database.
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Free Mp3 Player For Pocket Pc
When it comes to the Pocket PC, you have got to have your tunes when you are out and about. Of course we have to face the facts that the integrated players in most Pocket PCs are not exactly the best and that is why you will also be in need of this totally free MP3 player. Store and play a large selection of your favorite songs right from your Pocket PC with ease when you choose to download this MP3 player for free right now.
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Anvil Studio
From your audio equipment to your computer, dealing with those Midi files does not have to be a difficult task, nor does it have to be an expensive one because when you get your hand on Anvil Studio, you are getting your hands on an absolutely free program which allows you to work with Midi files right through your existing soundcard seamlessly. Get Anvil Studio right now and start working on that next big track.
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Nullsoft Winamp
The Nullsoft Winamp media player has been around for a very long time and has still managed to stay a popular choice among completely free media players. So when you are thinking about getting yourself a media player and do not want to have to pay for one, then look no further then the Winamp media player. With support capabilities for virtually any type of media file and a large database of codecs and decoders, you will be left wondering why you have not gotten this program before.
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For a lightweight CD player program designed for your computer which is of course also totally free, you need to get your hands on this great little program. AxelCD offers a beautiful graphical user interface which is very simple in design allowing you to play your music CDs with ease from your computer. Why settle with the basic player that comes with your operating system when you can get AxelCD right now absolutely free and you cant beat free.
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Video Converter Reviews
The Free Video Converter Reviews website contains the top 5 easy to use freeware video converters, which can be downloaded absolutely free. The converters listed on the website include, Quick Media Converter, Super Video Converter, Any Video Converter, Media Coder and Format Factory! Each converter comes with an in-depth review, which allows users to select their best option when it comes to converting all their videos!

Last 7 Days!
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Free Audio Converter
The Free Audio Converter is a MP3 converter, which converts audio files to iPod, iPad, iPhone and extracts audio from video files. The Audio Converter is freely available to be downloaded anytime! The converter comes with a range of benefits, including features like export audio from video, burn audio CD, merge multiple audio files, send MP3 files to iTunes and convert audio to M4A format.
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Major Geeks
Major Geeks is the #1 place to access all your freeware, featuring a range of freeware software and tools which can be downloaded - absolutely free! Browse through the extensive collection of freeware tools and software and pick your selected choice. Some of the software and tools listed on Major Geeks include, anti-malware, anti-virus, video and audio converters, drivers and installers just to name a few!
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My Converters
Welcome to My Converters, your ultimate free downloads of video converters that converts any video or audio onto your preferred device and retains the same high quality, sound and length as the original. Enjoy your videos with the all in one free video converter, whether you want to play the video on your mobile phone, desktop, portables, tablet and MP4 players.
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Free Commander
Free Commander is an easy to use, windows file manager. The freeware assists users with their day to day work related to Windows. The software comes with the necessary functions to manage stock data online. The software is mobile, which means that users can take it wherever they go. The software can even be used on a remote computer. It comes with a range of benefits, including tabbed interface, dual panel technology and nested archive handling.
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Explorer XP
Explorer XP is a freeware file manager, small in size, innovative and compact which can be used non-commercially. The software is distinct from the regular Windows Explorer, that it is able to display the entire size of each folder and allows the user to browse from a tabbed interface on multiple folders. The freeware includes a wide array of benefits including configurable keyboard shortcuts, unicode support and USB device support. Users can now download Explorer XP absolutely free!
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Mobile Pocket PC
The Mobile Pocket PC is a freeware mobile windows application which contains more than 4,500 free mobile games that can be played on Windows. Download the software for Pro, HD2, Tilt, Fuze, Diamond, Samsung and other Smartphones. The Mobile Pocket includes backup and social applications, mapping, financial weather and GPS navigation that is absolutely free! All you need to do is to create an account and download the software now!
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Hamstersoft features a 100% free download video converter 2.0, with built-in video codec. The video converter fully supports all Apple products and iTunes downloads. The design is new and improved with high speed of video conversion. The video converter converts all your videos which can be used on iPad, iPhone, iPod, Apple TV, iRiver, Blackberry, Zune and xBox! The converter is very easy to use and is extremely fast!
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Tucows Downloads
Tucows Downloads features a free video converter, which can be downloaded absolutely free. The video converter is freeware designed to convert your video files from AV1, MP4, Quick Time, RM, VCD, ASF, MOV and so on. The site additionally features related tutorials on video converter downloads and how to use them!
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Sound Control
If you are wanting the versatility of the Windows audio mixer but do not want to have to deal with the hefty price tag, then what you need to do is to get your hands on your copy of this great program right now. With hot key capabilities, you can make use of this audio mixer with ease. You will be able to easily change audio settings with the hot keys that you set up and since this program is also totally free, there is no reason why you should not already be downloading it.
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Best Freeware Download
Best Freeware Download contains some of the best freeware available on the internet today. Download to your heart's content on Best Freeware Download, from top audio and multimedia, CD burners, calculators and converters, webvideo cams, dial up and connection tools, games and entertainment, graphics application freeware and security and privacy freeware. Featuring hundreds of freeware applications, the site is your #1 freeware website on the internet!
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Free Rip
Free Rip is a music freeware that features an advanced CD to MP3 converter that includes a range of features. Users can convert their CD audio collection into digital audio files. The software can also convert MP3 and other audio files, back and forth from one format to another. The software is high quality and widely used and supported in order to save the richest details in audio tracks and save them onto your FLAC files!
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Download original freeware programs on Freemake! Downloading is absolutely free for anyone. Enjoy using the freeware on Freemake, which includes the likes of Freemake Video Converter, Video Downloader, Audio Converter and Music Box! Users can either download the offline version of Freemake freeware or connect to their internet and download the software online!
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Free New
Free New features free applications download, which include android applications, iphone and ipad applications and windows applications. Launched in 2012, Free New is a great platform for developers to come together to submit applications, whether it is for games or software. However, the main attraction of Free New is that users get to download their favorite applications, including mobile music software and games - absolutely free!
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Snap Files
Welcome to Snap Files, your #1 source to download freeware music apps anytime - anywhere! Browse through your extensive music collection by artist, album and genre using these freeware apps. Check out the super fast and efficient music freeware, from Tag Scanner, VisiTrax Lite, Music Bee and Media Monkey just to name a few!
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Freeware Files
Freeware Files is your #1 free software resource that enables you to download music files and software - absolutely free! The website features a range of categories which include audio and video, games, graphics, network and programming. Freeware Files gives the user access to download your favorite files free!
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Free Macware
Formed in 1998, Free Macware features music software to download for free! Additionally, the website offers links to other exciting music freeware sites that allow free downloads, anytime - anywhere!
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Ally Source
Ally Source is a freeware website for music, movies, games and wallpaper! Ally Source is updated on a regular basis with the latest music freeware and truly one of the best collections of freeware on the internet!
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Hitsquad offers free music freeware for the avid music fan. Check out the assortment of categories that feature free music software to download onto your computer. From audio codes, bass guitar, CD burner, DJ mixing, streaming media, video multimedia, DVD rippers and slow down music, Hitsquad is your #1 site for everything related to music freeware - absolutely free!
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Partners In Rhyme
Partners in Rhyme allows users to download free Midi files and Midi songs combined with royalty free background music. Check out the wide array of music on Partners in Rhyme and download for free use on your website. From blues, classical, disco, jazz, rock and hip hop the website features all types of music genre for your listening pleasure!
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