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Wav Sound Files Directory
wav sound files directory. Here you will find many free .wav sound files to download. Chat Waves, Sound Waves, Movie Waves, Funny Sounds, and More!!
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Free Samples And Loops
over 10,000 wav samples and loops ready to drop directly into Acid or any other audio application that supports WAV files. Each sample has an acidized beat count and root key reference (where relevant). Within these preview pages there are over 300 free demo wav samples for you to download before deciding to become a member of Platinumloops.
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Shockwave Sound
Enjoy the explosion with wav sounds on Shockwave Sound! The sounds have been gathered by the website and have been posted for users to download for free! Wav sounds can be used for personal and home use. Simply click on the particular wav icon and begin downloading now! The site is filled with wav sound categories, some of which include game explosions, battle explosions, jet, resonant, big stereo, loud and underground explosions!
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Wav Sounds
Enjoy free wav sounds only from Wav Sounds, the family friendly wav site. Find some of the best wav sounds on this planet, which include answering machine sounds, cartoon wav, funny sounds, movie wav and vehicle wav sounds! Listen to any of these sounds freely, or simply download absolutely free! The site is a very popular one on the internet providing some of the most unusual wav sounds available!
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Wav Source
Check out Wav Source a free wav files downloadable site from movies stars, movies, famous people, comedians, television programs and other miscellaneous stuff! Formed in 2001, Wav Source is one of the most popular sites to download wav files - absolutely free!
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Village Geek
Visit the Village Geek website to download free wav files. Enjoy and indulge in sound bite cuts from movies, commercials and television! The website is filled with an extensive collection of wav files for fans from around the globe! Pick your favorite wav file on Village Geek now!

Last 7 Days!
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Free Music Sound Wav
A good selection of free music wav files can be found at this website. On offer also are a lot of other freebies so why not go and check it out.
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The Daily Wav
This is a cool site with a huge number of sounds in WAV format to download, subdivided into the month in which they were inserted in alphabetical order cinema, cartoons, TV, animals etc.
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The Music Bakery
Welcome to the Music Bakery, your #1 spot to download free wav files to your heart's content. All you have to do is to select a style of music, and begin download free wav music files now! The Music Bakery features professional studio musicians, real acoustic instruments and ward winning composers. Users can select wav music files for education, training and motivation, industrial and sales and advertising. The Music Bakery is a premier leader in royalty free music.
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Wav World
Loads of sounds from popular films and TV series, that make perfect event sounds for your PC, involves using the control panel. Windows Event Sounds (startup, shutdown, mail notification, and error) and MUCH more! We have a huge archive of movie and TV sounds, and we update regularly.
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Wav Audio Files Directory
The Wav Audio Files Directory features free Wav files to download! The site contains a number of Wav files on the Wav Directory including, animal sounds, answering machine messages, explosions, hip hop, sirens and horns, television, tunes and themes and wrestling Wavs. Simply log into the Wav Audio Directory and download your favorite Wav music files - absolutely free!
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Dave 40
Download free Wav files on Dave 40, from jazz, funk and the rock genre to your heart's content. The Wav files featured on Dave 40 can be freely used in your music productions. The files are categorized into funk and rare groove, jazz and funk samples and jazz, funk and rock samples. Also, Dave 40 contains interesting and informative articles on Wav music files!
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Zamzar allows users to convert MP3 to Wav music files. For users interested in using Wav files, Zamzar offers an easy way out where downloading of any software is not necessary. The conversion can be simply done online. Convert your MP3 files into Wav files now, the page also contains information on MP3 and Wav file extensions. Using Zamzar it is possible to convert MP3 files into Wav music file format!
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Free Birthday Wav
Download Wav birthday music files, instrumental versions in a variety of tempos and styles absolutely free! As known by the world, the birthday song is one of the most popular tunes around. Using Wav files, you can put together your very own unique birthday presentation for loved ones and family! The Wav files contain the happy birthday song in a number of variations.
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Curlys Christmas
Curlys Christmas contains Christmas Wav music files to listen to or download, absolutely free! For users that want to simply enjoy the music, can click on the title, whilst others can download Wav music files directly onto the computer. registration is not required on Curlys Christmas, although the website notes that some of the Christmas Wav files are large and downloading could take time.
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Wav Tools
Wav Tools allow music fans to download free samples of Wav audio files. The software is a complete solution for Wav audio files, which can will help you convert, join, split, burn and rip amongst the many options available on Wav Tools. Users can freely download the software as a free trial run for 14 days trail period. Download the many Wav files samples absolutely free on Wav Tools today!
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Free Wav To MP3
Free Wav to MP3 is a downloadable converter listed free for users to download on the website. The converter converts audio files to wav or MP3 formats. Additionally, the website features other freeware applications including the likes of video converter platinum, switch sound file converter, express burn plus, ipod video converter, wav to MP3 encoder. All these applications can be freely downloaded - anytime, anywhere!
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Loopasonic allows users to download free Wav files. Launched in 1998, the site offers free samples of Wav files, which are all original and copyright free. The files listed on the site are suitable for home recording and professional studio recording. Registration is not required on Loopasonic, which means that users can directly enter the site and download Wav files to their heart's content!
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Slinky City
Slinky City features funny audio Wav files freely downloadable to all! From funny pranks, jokes and games users can download free Wav files anytime - anywhere! Some of the audio Wav files featured on Slinky City include, sheep, James Bond, Scooby and much more. Enjoy listening to funny audio sounds only provided by Slinky City - absolutely free!
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Talking Wav
Talking Wav contains a database filled with free Wav sound files. Browse through the extensive collection of Wav files and pick your favorite one. There are a number of categories to choose from, including beep Wav, electronic Wav, animal Wav, gun shot Wav and miscellaneous Wav! Downloading is absolutely free and no sign up is required on the website!
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